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  • Colored glass walls and back splashes have an industry standard glass thickness of 1/4" or 6mm.
  •  The type of glass can be annealed, starphire (low iron), slumped, casted, and more.
  •  Tempered glass is usually only used behind cook tops, stoves and ovens.
  • The most used type of glass for back painted glass backs plashes is 1/4" starphire glass (low iron glass) this glass is optically clear with no green effect like regular annealed glass. This makes the back painted color true and bright with no dulling green glass tint to combat the colors brilliance.
  • The edges of the painted back splash glass are simply lightly sanded to give the best effect.
  • The most used type of glass for back painted glass counter tops is 3/4" starphire glass with polished edges.
  • The paint that is used to back paint glass is made from Glassprimer™, this paint is simply rolled or sprayed on a clean glass surface, let dry and then its finished.
  • No priming, risk of bubbling, cracking, peeling, or color fading.
  • Any color can be matched for no charge and your paint ships out the same day you order it.
  •  Visit www.glasspaint.com to have some glass paint shipped to you today.
  • Glassprimer™ also offers easy to use and clean up waterbased glass paint from www.waterbasedglasspaint.com

The easiest method of making back painted glass is:

  • have your glass made to your spec by a local glass company (any local glass installer can do this) The glass company installers will come to your home and measure where you want your backsplash. Most glass companies are not versed in glass painting.
  • The glass installers fabricates your glass on-site if they are good, or brings the measurements back to the glass shop and fabricates your glass (just some simple cutting, hole drilling for outlets etc, and sanding the edges so you don't cut yourself)

A dry fit is always good to do before you paint your glass...

  • Once you have your paint, lay your glass up against a wall (45 degrees is fine) and clean your glass by saturating #000 steel wool with rubbing alcohol and aggressively scrub the glass surface that you want to paint. After that, clean the glass surface with the same alcohol and clean new paper towels until there is a nice squeaky clean feel and sound to the glass surface. Let the glass totally dry off any excess alcohol.

Now, follow the instructions of How To Paint Glass video below:

  • Let the paint dry for 24-72 hours at room temperature and you are done!
  • Installing back painted glass is actually the easiest thing to do.... It installs just like mirror. Simpley apply acid free clear silicone glue from the hardware store and a few pieces of double sided tape to the back painted side of your glass, then push it in place where you want it for your backsplash etc.
  • You can also use Palmer Mirro Mastic to install back painted glass. This stuff is a black tar like mastic that is applied to the wall in various globs, then the glass is pushed against the wall. This stuff stays semi wet for a few weeks and enables you to slowly slide/move the glass to make fit. Your glass guy can easily install back painted glass, just tell him to treat it like mirror if he says he cant do it.
  • How much does back painted glass cost? 1/4" starphire glass is about $4.50 per square foot, and Glassprimer™ glass paint is about $.94 per sq ft. Together back painted glass costs about $5.00 per square foot. This price doesn't include fabrication (glass cut to size, holes drilled, etc..) or installation. Most companies charge around $5.00 per sq ft to install mirror (same method of installation as back painted glass)
  • If you dont want to paint learn how to paint glass on your own glass, figure on paying $25-$50 per square foot for back painted glass from a back painted glass company. This price usually includes fabrication but not installation. One thing to think about is the general 4-6 lead time that most companies have for back painted glass, the high shipping price and NO SHIPPING INSURANCE (flat glass is not insured by carriers anymore during shipping) and the inherent breakage that happens many times during freight transit (shipping to you)

Glassprimer™ can be purchased in North America a www.glasspaint.com

GlassPaint.com will provide the following:

  • Free back painted glass samples
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  • Contact GlassPaint.com for more assistance
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How to Paint Glass is here to help you with your back painted glass projects

Glass paint blog: http://www.glassprimer.com/glass-paint-blog/category/glass-paint/

Glass paint forum: http://www.glasspaint.com/03/glass-paint-forum-customer-reviews/


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