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permanently for colored glass back spalshes, colored glass counter tops, colored glass walls like in the (HGTV Color Splash Miami) picture to the left and more...

Why do people want to know How To Paint Glass
? Well its simple, there has never been a proper method of painting glass until Glassprimer™ was introduced. Since Glassprimer™ glass paints have been available, architects, designers, artist, homeowners, and more have been able to incorporate the incredible, high sheen colored glass product with all kinds of things. Most people dont know the back painting glass process, some people feel they can use automotive paint on glass, this is why you see some online colored glass vendors that really dont know what they are talking about when you ask them how their paint bonds to glass (inexperienced internet scams). Unfortunately auto paints will delaminate from glass just like any other paint because of the atmospheric moisture attracting properties that glass inherently has. Some paints might stick to the glass surface for a week or two, but it will start to bubble and peel (de-lamination occurs almost immediately if an adhesive is applied to the painted side of the glass). If you sandblast glass and then paint it with auto paint, some think this will create a good primed bond. WRONG, the glass surface atmospheric moisture attracting properties are still present making this method of painting glass a TRUE FAILURE that would not stand up to any commercial back painted glass ASTM adhesion tests. How does Glassprimer™ glass paint work? Glassprimer™ actually transforms the glass surface molecular structure to give the glass hydrophobic properties. This glass surface property transformation makes the glass reject moisture and modifies the glass surface molecular chain to bond permanently to the paints molecular chain. This is why when using Glassprimer™ glass paints, there is never a priming stage. Just clean the glass and paint it. That's it!

How To Paint Glass
How To Paint Glass


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